May - Mathematician - Lazare Carnot

Lazare Carnot was born on 13 May 1753 and graduated from the School of Engineering in Mézières in 1773. He wrote a number of mechanics and engineering papers but is best known as a geometer. In 1801 he published De la Correlation des Figures de Géométrie in which he tried to put pure geometry into a universal setting. He showed that several of the theorems of Euclid's Elements can be established from a single theorem. In 1803 he published Géométrie de Position.

Geometry is an area of the curriculum which I find most interesting. The properties of shapes and the magic of construction is fascinating. I find that some students are enthused at being able to produce wonderful patterns based upon the geometrical properties of shapes. It is really satisfying, especially for students  who have little artistic ability to be able to produce such pleasing patterns. I have created this list of resources to provide inspiration for some geometrically artistic lessons.


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