I will do it when the exam classes have left!

How often have you said "I will do it when the exam classes have left"? Well now the exam classes have left have you got the time you thought you would have? Probably not, but one task I always make time for at this time of year is planning for next year's A-level classes, especially if next year I will be teaching a unit I haven't taught before or it has been a while since I last taught the unit. I like the chance to learn some mathematics,  think about how I will teach it and find new resources.

To help colleagues I have compiled a list of the most popular A-level mathematics resources. It is by no means a complete list of all the A-level resources we have so do also search the eLibrary.

If you are teaching A-level for the first time you may be interested in the 'Teachers new to teaching A level mathematics residential week', run in conjunction with MEI, sponsored by CASIO. For more details see the mathematics page of the National STEM centre website.


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