August- Mathematics Careers

I usually struggled answering the question "why do we need to know this?" when teaching topics such as simplifying like terms. There was never a quick, easy, satisfactory answer but the fact that students asked showed that I needed to do more to make the mathematics relevant. But what? Trying to convince students that the mathematics they are learning will help them in their future careers isn't always easy.

Each month I will include a regular post featuring people who use mathematical skills in their careers. The videos are short, usually less than 2 minutes long, and can be shown to students at regular intervals so they develop an appreciation of to where their study of mathematics can lead.

This month's video features Jo Carris, an energy manager working on the London 2012 Olympic Park.

I will also link to other relevant mathematics careers material that can be found on the National Stem Centre's eLibrary such as  these bright posters, produced by More Maths Grads, intended for use in schools to illustrate the range of opportunities that mathematics can open.

If you have any ideas on this topic please reply!


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