August- Mathematician of the Month - Blaise Pascal

Welcome to the Secondary Mathematics Resources Group. Please use this group to network with fellow teachers.

Each month I hope to discuss topical issues in maths teaching and will include a regular,"Mathematician of the Month" feature linked to resources from the Nationsl STEM Centre's elibrary.

Blaise Pascal died on 19th August 1662, 350 years ago. Pascal's Triangle is still used in maths lessons from year 7 right up to Advanced Level. What better way to introduce students to a new year of maths than by exploring the richness of mathematics to be found in Pascal's triangle. The resources contained in this list  cover work on a variety of sequences such as Fibonacci and powers of 2 and resources for use with A level students linking GCSE work with their new study topics when covering work on combinations in statistics and Binomial expansion of brackets. 

If you have any good ideas, resources, weblinks showing how you use Pascal's Traingle in the classroom please share them here.


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