Open P-Tech - free learning programme from IBM

The Open P-TECH platform from IBM provides secondary students and teachers with free access to online courses and tech industry digital badges that enable the development of knowledge and skills for the 21st century workplace.  Courses include Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Blockchain, Design Thinking and Professional Skills. 

Built using curated and bespoke content, Open P-TECH uses text, video and gamified assessments to engage students.  The platform also provides teachers with a dashboard that allows the tracking of student progress.

Leeds City College is an early adopter of the platform.  Rob Whitehead, Deputy Head of Curriculum & Innovation (School of Digital & IT) at the college, said: "Open P-TECH is great online learning platform that allows our students to learn new digital skills in a fun and engaging manner, parts of which are subject agnostic, meaning there is something for everyone, for free. In an ever changing and fast-moving digital climate, the skills and badges earned by students will be a vital addition to their CV and progression to Higher Education or employment, setting them apart from other candidates. Crucially, the badges are IBM accredited and therefore recognised in industry, helping equip students for their future careers, no matter of their career choices."

Visit to register for Open P-TECH as a learner, or sign up your school to access a free admin account and student tracking functions.


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