PEP and Pizza - National Vegetarian Week Grants

I know that some of you have identified activities around the theme of ‘Climate change’ within your PEP action plans and indeed most of our themes are inextricably linked to these issues.

Here are details of an opportunity for schools to access a mobile pizza oven for a day as part of National Vegetarian Week (NVW) celebrations with an additional theme of ‘Global food footprints’

Mathew Lloyd is the director of a company that sells and rents out ‘cob’ ovens see here ( for more details. With Emma Fieldhouse, who has developed a carbon footprint game ( they will support schools to put together a grant application for those interested in hiring Matthew and his cob oven for the day in order to celebrate NVW. He would set up this oven and lucky pupils would be able to make and then eat their own pizzas!! As part of the day Emma would stimulate some thinking and learning about carbon footprints, using her game, as the pupils wait to make and eat their pizzas.

Funding can be obtained to pay for these activities via a National Vegetarian Society grant.

We want events and activities to attract those beginning their vegetarian journey, meat-reducers
and the veggie-curious, but also be inclusive of the wider vegetarian community.


at any point between the start of May and the 20th. Details of the grant are given here (C:\Users\marga\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\J2E4UTVY\(https:\\grants\)

Matthew and Emma will support the writing of the application, so schools can then bring this event to their schools! The grant would cover

• Learning activities (and delivery by Mathew and Emma) linked to
o An exploration of the carbon impact of a vegetarian or vegan diet
o Cooking Pizza. The pupils learn to make the pizzas themselves
• Sufficient food for 100 pizzas.

The Vegetarian Society will also provide learning resources along these themes

The final deadline for applications is February 25th so if interested please make direct contact with Emma ( allowing sufficient time for the application to be submitted – Good luck!


Subject(s)Cross curricular, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Food preparation, Biology, Working scientifically, Science
Age4-5, 5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16
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Stephen Wroe

As a retired Antarctic explorer, I am at a loss to see what this has to do with a Polar Explorer Program or am I losing the plot?


It's linked to Climate Change, and thinking about how our Carbon Footprint is linked to the food we eat. A diet that is focussed less on meat produces a lower carbon footprint, therefore less climate change through increased greenhouse gases. More greenhouses gases = warmer climate = melting ice = reduction of polar environments. I don't think you're losing the plot, but this is looking at the bigger picture of the changes in polar environments, rather than just, 'what can we find at the Poles?'

I think it is an interesting way to consider climate change and the effect on our world.