Ocean Plastic Pollution

Science corridor display highlighting some facts about plastic pollution in the oceans and on our beaches, which is very topical at the moment and also links in with the biology curriculum. I used plastic waste collected from the floors of our eleven science labs over five days to create the whale, and to hopefully highlight to students the amount of plastic pens, bottles, etc that they leave on the floor!

More in the files than I used on my display as I ran out of space !


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I did a similar display recently but I love the idea of displaying the bits of plastic collected from the floor. I might do that as a stand alone board. Thanks.


Thank you so much for sharing, I am going to do one for my corridor. This is amazing!


 Thank you for sharing your display, I will make a copy as I am setting up a plastic recycling program in school. We need to reduce the waste we create think smarter about recycling...


Thank you for sharing this display!! I have replicated this display and absolutely love it!


Wow - this is an amazing display to give a message about plastics pollution. I'll be teaching Oceans topic to CfE P5-4 right after summer break. This ticks all the sustsainabilty element of topic. Thanks for sharing.

Marie Forsyth

Thank you for sharing, this is really useful information.  


This is so good. I'd like to do one at my school. Thank you for sharing the idea