Do It Yourself (DIY) Differentiation Board to Promote Resilience

This is a photo of my display board which is a collection of materials to promote resilience. The second slide is annotated to show what the different things are!

I use it in conjunction with my 4 B's strategy, ie if you need help, have you used your Brain, Book, Board (this is the board element!!) or Buddy, before asking the Boss (me).

1. “Active learning during a practical” prompt sheets for those forgetting ingredients

These sheets are attached to a clipboard and enable the students who forget ingredients to be involved in the lesson when they are not cooking

2. Literacy mats

These are subject specific, they are from the TES website, lots to choose from.

3. PEE Scaffolding sheets for long examination questions

These support students when answering long mark questions, we practice using these as a group and then the students are encouraged to use them independently.

4. Key terminology and definitions

I found these on the internet, they are subject specific

5. Growth mindsets prompts

Some quotes to inspire students not to give up.

6. Exam terminology broken down/explained

I've printed off the exam terminology and the definitions for each command word from AQA, the students select these when answering exam questions, they are cut up and laminated.

7. A dictionary!!! (and a barcode linking to the Oxford English Dictionary)

My technician made me a holder for a dictionary, and I've produced a QR code which links to the Oxford English Dictionary, I circle spellings in the students work and then encourage them to correct them themselves.

8. Extension activities

These were downloaded from Food Teachers Centre, they are questions which the students can select from a holder to answer about their practical work/product. They are differentiated into 3 levels of difficulty.

9. Barcodes which can be scanned to remind them of previous learning/methods

These are barcodes which I've created from, they recap previous learning and link to videos of processes that we have already covered in practical work.  I encourage the students to use their iPad or phones to access them.



Subject(s)Food Preparation and Nutrition, Practical work, Techniques and procedures, Design and technology, Science
Age4-5, 5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19, FE/HE
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