Water Cycle Display

Water Cycle display in a Year 4 classroom to cover Science and Geography objectives. The background models the Water Cycle and explains stages of Water Cycle. The children made paper plate Water Cycles using paint/reclaimed materials and labelled (Precipitation, Condensation and Evaporation) to show understanding of vocabulary. They also made mobiles to model cycle and to use key vocabulary using; string, polystyrene cups covered with cotton wool, vocabulary labels, sun and raindrop copied onto coloured paper. The class took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Water Investigation and the results of water hardness testing were displayed using a pictograph. Library books about water and the water cycle are displayed and readily available or the children to read.

Water Cycle Display
Water Hardness Results Pictograph
Water Cycle mobiles


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what a great display.

I love the mobiles in the window - I might have to do this next time we do the water cycle.


Karen Burns