Data-logging with BBC micro:bits and MakeCode for modelling with Excel and GeoGebra

Recent developments in MakeCode now make data-capture from micro:bits very simple via the USB cable.  The data can be graphed in real time in MakeCode and exproted as CSV files.  Using tools such as Excel and GeoGebra's Spreadsheet View, the data can be manipulated, analysed and modelled.  With a pair of micro:bits, one can log-data remotely and send it to the second via Radio which can be send serially to a Windows PC - thus enabling telemetry.  The document shows examples from cooling, capacitor discharge and SHM.  


Subject(s)Computing, Cross curricular, Mathematics, Science
Age7-11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19, FE/HE
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Excited to try this but I can't find the "Show Data Simulator" button mentioned in the document. I downloaded the app from the link in your document and I'm running the 243 firmward. Also, version: 0.14.22

Microsoft MakeCode version: 0.17.12

C++ runtime version: v2.0.0-rc11

Where do I look for the Show Data Simulator button?


Thank You