Big idea: particles and structure

All matter is made up of atoms. The collective, structural arrangement and behaviour of the atoms explain the properties of different substances.


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Resources for age 11-14

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The big idea is developed through a series of key concepts at age 11-14, which have been organised into teaching topics.

Topic 1: Substances and mixtures

Please also have a look at the substances and properties big idea page for more key concepts in this topic.

Topic 2: Elements and compounds

Topic 3: Chemical change

Topic 4: Understanding chemical reactions

Topic 5: Evaporation

Topic 6: Periodic table

Is there a recommended teaching order?

The Best Evidence Science Teaching resources can be used with your existing scheme of work, if desired. 

However, we have used research evidence on learning pathways and effective sequencing of ideas to develop subject maps for biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. 

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