Nix the Tricks: encouraging mathematical understanding

"I have recently been using some of the ideas in Tina Cardone’s book Nix the Tricks."

Teaching assistant

The value of teaching assistants in the maths classroom

How do senior leaders ensure their decisions reflect best-practice, provide value for money and have a real impact on student outcomes?

STEM Ambassador impact on young people

STEM Ambassadors are a national treasure. In this report, we share with you four key lessons we have learned through recent research and evaluation of STEM Ambassador activity.

Core Maths

The most significant development in post-16 mathematics education?

"It has been and continues to be, a huge privilege to support Core Maths and the many wonderful practitioners I have met along the way."

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistants in secondary mathematics

Develop your knowledge and improve your role in supporting students' learning.


Secondary Mathematics

Welcome to resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for mathematics teachers. Join in the discussion with our community group.

Featured Resources

Little big futures Mathematics

This collection of mathematics teaching materials are designed to help students discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) can connect the everyday objects around us, while exploring a number of mathematical concepts.Single-lesson one-hour activities, as well as more extended five-hour activities, are available. No...
Publication date:
2010 to date

3 resources

Something in Common

The ‘Something in Common’ collection from John Burke contains problems that enable students to hone their skills of both problem solving and proof. Each investigation comes with several different versions of a problem that have ‘something in common’. Having discovered what the problems are linked by ‘something in...
Publication date:
2010 to date

6 resources

STEM clubs mathematics resources

This collection contains a number of mathematics-related resources for use at STEM clubs.
Publication date:
2010 to date

21 resources

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11-16 mathematics

The best resources for teaching the secondary mathematics curriculum.

A level mathematics

Explore our selection of key stage 5 mathematics teaching materials chosen from the STEM Learning resource collection. 

Core Maths

All the resources you need to bring Core Maths into your school or college. 


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Mastering mathematics at key stage 3MY218

It is important that mathematics at key stage 3 builds upon the mathematical experiences students experience at primary school. Designed for teachers of mathematics at key stage 3, explore what is meant by mastery, consider the transition between primary and secondary school and the mapping of progression through...

Teaching assistants in secondary mathematicsMY212

This is an essential course for teaching assistants who support learning in secondary mathematics. You may wish to develop your mathematical knowledge and/or improve how you support students in better understanding the mathematics.  In this course you will explore ways of working that support students’ progress in...

How to deliver: “Extending the most able at GCSE mathematics”MY217

A two day residential activity, run in conjunction with MEI, in which teachers will experience how to deliver the course “Extending the most able at GCSE”. The course is designed for teachers of mathematics who have, at most, limited experience in leading professional development (PD). This course will support...

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