Why manipulatives belong in the secondary maths classroom

Find out how manipulatives can make secondary school students explain their thinking more confidently.


Time saving ideas for making great secondary mathematics resources

Revision is well under way and extra efforts are being made to best prepare your students for the demands of the new GCSE examinations.

Impact and evaluation

Our impact evidence enables us to prove that our professional development has a direct impact on participants, the wider school or college, and ultimately young people.

Operational Research

Browse resources that support the teaching and learning of decision mathematics.

A level mathematics resource packages

Explore our selection of key stage 5 mathematics teaching materials chosen from the STEM Learning resource collection.

Teaching A level mathematics: generating discussions and increasing confidence

Teaching A level mathematics can be difficult, especially when you have little experience of teaching the subject.

Secondary Mathematics

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Featured Resources

Nuffield Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP)

This sample of AMP resources, co-funded by the Clothworkers and Nuffield Foundation, are based on 20 of the Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) materials produced with Nuffield support in the 1980s. They are classroom-trialled resources to support teachers in their teaching and assessment of the key processes of...
Publication date:
2010 to date

2 resources

Improving learning in mathematics

The Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics resources were produced as a response to the Smith report. The materials use active learning approaches originally designed for post-16 mathematics but for use across the secondary phase. The resources, and the work of the Standards Unit with leading maths experts...
Publication date:
2000 - 2009

6 resources

Secondary Mathematics Classroom Resources

This collection of resources, produced by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, are design to support the teaching and learning of mathematics in secondary school. The activities are a mixture of problem-solving tasks, open-ended tasks, games and puzzles designed to develop students' understanding and...
Publication date:
2010 to date

5 resources

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11-16 mathematics

The best resources for teaching the secondary mathematics curriculum.

A level mathematics

Explore our selection of key stage 5 mathematics teaching materials chosen from the STEM Learning resource collection. 


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Resourcing the new secondary mathematics curriculumMY202

Join us at the National STEM Learning Centre to consider the support available from the National STEM Learning Centre when resourcing your scheme of work. The day is suitable for teachers of mathematics in secondary school, especially those with some curriculum responsibility and will include hands-on sessions:...

Using manipulatives to enhance understanding in secondary mathematicsMY210

Encourage active learning in secondary mathematics lessons with the use of manipulatives. Manipulatives - or “objects to think with - include counters, interlocking cubes, Cuisenaire rods and tiles etc. Research suggests that their use is beneficial to mathematical understanding, and can help students with retention...

New to teaching A level mathematics summer schoolMY500

"The best training course I have attended in my 14 years of teaching.” - past participant. Our highly acclaimed annual four day summer school, run in conjunction with MEI and the University of Sheffield, is designed for teachers who have little, or no, experience of teaching A level mathematics. Develop pedagogical...

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