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Teaching resources to develop an understanding of the computing curriculum.

AstroCharlie, Mission X mascot

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut 2019 is open

Mission X: Train like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge, focusing on fitness and nutrition.

Teacher reading to children

Teaching science through stories

Explore our resource packages based around popular children’s books and discover the science hidden in a book.

Bespoke CPD

Planning bespoke support for your school

We take a look at how three schools have embraced their challenges through bespoke CPD.

STEM Ambassador activity in primary school

Find a STEM Ambassador for your activity

Participating in the STEM Ambassador programme is easier than ever via our website, designed to put you in control of your volunteering and STEM Ambassador engagement.

Fermi problems

Fermi problems: making maths a fun real-world tool

Problem-solving and group work are two major skills we all hope to foster in our pupils. One way to help them develop these skills is to challenge them with Fermi problems.


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James Webb Space Telescope - Primary Resources

The James Webb Space Telescope will make observations of distant stars and planets. It is due to be launched on an Ariane 5 rocket in 2021 from French Guiana. It is a highly technical design which has taken many years to be designed and made. It has been an international collaboration involving North America, Canada...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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This collection contains ten activities which support science learning within the context of a wide range of engineering design challenges. Designed to foster questioning and creativity and to develop problem-solving skills including testing alternative options, interpreting results and evaluating their solutions...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Mathsticks resources aim to make maths meaningful and have been trialled, adapted, tested and retested with children in the classroom. They are based on the need for children to be fully involved in their learning; to have fun, and to enjoy and achieve while developing their mathematical skills. The resources are the...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Explore our resources, supporting the teaching of science through cross-curricular topics.

Teachers' Standards

Find resources to support your development across all eight Teacher Standards.

Teaching science through stories

Discover the science hidden in children's stories.

Bring engineering into your primary school

There are plenty of ways you can inspire your pupils with the world and wonder of engineering.

The science of learning

Draw upon educational neuroscience and psychology to gain an insight into how students learn. 


Leading the thinking, doing, talking approach in primary science .NY001

This course is based upon the highly successful ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Science’ project from Oxford which works on the premise that science lessons which are most successful at engaging and motivating pupils and raising their attainment feature more practical activity, deeper thinking, more discussion, less (but...

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