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primary maths conference

Primary teachers – get inspired

This summer, STEM Learning has a whole host of exciting and engaging summer schools and conferences taking place.

Bringing engineering into the primary classroom

There is definitely a buzz around Rode Heath at the moment and I can’t help feel that it has something to do with our engineering project…

Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS): Primary Resources

Help bring plant science alive with these fantastic resources.

Primary resources for cross curricular topics

Explore our series of primary resources, supporting the teaching of science through cross curricular topics.

Scratch Without Games

How to use some basic commands in the programming language Scratch.


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Reasoning about numbers, with challenges and simplifications

This booklet from the National Numeracy Strategy was written to help students: * solve mathematical problems or puzzles, recognise and explain patterns and relationships, generalise and predict; * explain methods and reasoning orally and in writing; * suggest extensions by asking ‘What if …?’ All the activities give...
Publication date:
1990 - 1999

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The magic of light

This set of eight enquiry-based activities aimed at 8-10 year olds allows pupils to study light and colour using spectroscopes and colour wheels. Pupils work individually or in groups to build a spectroscope that can be used to look at light sources. They look at the composition of white light and how complex colours...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Why you will never catch smallpox

This collection provides a cross-curricular learning package which supports learning about the work of Dr Edward Jenner on developing a vaccine for Smallpox. All activities are based around a short film, which highlights Jenner’s work from the viewpoint of a child living at the time in which he worked on the vaccine....
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Primary mathematics

A guide to the best resources to support mathematics aligned to the English National Curriculum.

Primary science

A guide to the best resources to support science aligned to the English National Curriculum.

Cross curricular

Explore our series of primary resources, supporting the teaching of science through cross curricular topics.

Teachers' Standards

Find resources to support your development across all eight Teacher Standards.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Primary mathematics conferenceMY007

Explore ways of developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving across the mathematics curriculum to support the development of mastery. Find out how to create a culture in school where all children enjoy rich mathematical experiences, learn more about the Maths Hubs projects and how teaching approaches from...

Primary science conferenceNY007

  "A wonderful day full of ideas, suggestions and activities to do with children and colleagues. I feel totally inspired."Past participant "Full of lots of inspirational ideas for the classroom to make science fun."Past participant This successful Annual event is jointly organised by the National STEM Learning...

Computing conference with CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and HumberCY007

This year's CAS regional conference has something for every teacher of computing, with dedicated streams for primary and secondary teachers. For the first time we will focus, too, on inclusion in association with CAS #Include. We hope to bring you these and much more besides, presented by knowledgeable Master...

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