Computing CPD

New CAD training programme for schools and colleges

Fusion 360 is an online tool that connects your entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform.

Teaching A level

Teaching the new mathematics A level

Changes to A level specifications require students to study aspects of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics.

Mathematics for A level computer science

From the fundamentals of number bases and units of information, through to Boolean algebra, sets and ciphers, you will develop in confidence and tackle the trickiest topics.

BBC micro:bit

Modelling micro:bit data with the Bitty Data Logger App

The free Bitty Data Logger allows you to capture sensor data from the micro:bit's accelerometers, magnetometers and temperature sensors.


Data presentation and interpretation

A range of resources and activities for teaching data presentation and interpretation in A level mathematics.

Magic hat

The magic of computer science

Discover how magic tricks can be brought into your computing lessons.


Specially selected for teachers, technicians and leaders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for FE teachers. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Modern analytical techniques

Modern techniques of analysis have revolutionised the determination of the structures of organic molecules. Until relatively recently the history of the Nobel Prize for chemistry is littered with prizes won for determining the structure of natural products (natural product synthesis). The only way to identify the...
Publication date:
12 July 2016

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VEX Robotics EDR Curriculum - Unit 1.1: Autodesk Inventor Tumbler Build

VEX Robotics EDR Curriculum - Unit 1.1: Autodesk Inventor Tumbler Build looks at the process of constructing a virtual VEX Tumbler within the Autodesk Inventor software environment using the available digital VEX Robotics parts. This virtual robot can then be tested and modified using the tools available in the...
Publication date:
25 July 2016

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See Where They Can Take You

Developed with funding from the Department for Education, these video clips show interviews with young professionals working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sectors. The films introduce some of the exciting careers that students may access by studying STEM subjects. The professionals interviewed...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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A level science

Curated resources to support A level science teaching.


Unpick the examiners report - A level physicsNY272

The first run of the new A level exams will highlight areas where students are struggling. An in-depth analysis of the examiners' subject reports is crucial to support development of your teaching and learning approaches in physics A level. Hands-on sessions with examination experts will enable you to delve into the...

Radiation protection supervisor trainingRP621

 This  hands on one-day course is for the school Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), i.e. the person responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the science department. The RPS will normally be a member of the teaching staff, often the Head of Physics.  However any...

Careers in STEMRP226

STEM subjects offer a wide range of career opportunities - but how do you promote these and motivate students? Using case studies and resources, these course will help develop your understanding and support you in signposting career options and motivate students to pursue STEM subjects or careers.

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STEM Insight

A unique chance to experience STEM-related work in industrial or university settings.

CPD for technicians

Visit the HEaTED website for details of CPD tailored for technicians of all subjects.


Get recognition for your professionalism with our STEM Educators recognition scheme.


New group topics

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