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BBC micro:bit

Modelling micro:bit data with the Bitty Data Logger App

The free Bitty Data Logger allows you to capture sensor data from the micro:bit's accelerometers, magnetometers and temperature sensors.

ENTHUSE Celebration Awards 2017

ENTHUSE Celebration Awards: deadline extended

The ENTHUSE Celebration Awards are an annual celebration of schools, colleges, teachers and technicians.



A number of resources exploring the mathematics behind Braille.

Eden Project

Temperate horticultural curator

Robert is a temperate horticultural curator at the Eden Project, hear all about him and his career.

STEM Insight placement

STEM Insight case studies

STEM Insight gives teachers an opportunity to experience invaluable placements in a leading UK STEM organisation or university.


Specially selected for teachers, technicians and leaders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for FE teachers. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Types of processor activities

This document contains a number of activities for students to carry out. They develop an instruction set for a fictional processor which forms a thought-provoking introduction to this topic. Encourage them to think about basic mathematical operations and how data values need to be manipulated within the CPU. This can...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Measuring the Doppler effect in the classroom

This resource uses the context of exoplanets and simple equipment to enable students to measure the Doppler effect in the classroom.  It has been used in the "Space as a context for teaching science..." CPD.
Publication date:
10 July 2017

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Forces and Newton's Laws

AS LevelUnderstand the concept of a force; understand and use Newton’s first lawUnderstand and use Newton’s second law for motion in a straight line (restricted to forces in two perpendicular directions or simple cases of forces given as 2-D vectorsUnderstand and use weight and motion in a straight line...
Publication date:
07 March 2017

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Support for post-16 and FE

We offer a comprehensive range of resources and support. 

A level science

Curated resources to support A level science teaching.

Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum.

A Level mathematics

Explore our selection of key stage 5 mathematics teaching materials.

Core Maths

The Core Maths initiative is aimed at increasing the number of post-16 students studying mathematics.


Teaching object oriented programming (OOP) for A level computer scienceCY210

You will cover the concepts and philosophy behind the development of object oriented software computer programs. You will briefly compare the procedural and object oriented paradigms before covering the essential aspects of object orientated programming. The CPD will achieve its aims through a mixture of theory...

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STEM Insight

A unique chance to experience STEM-related work in industrial or university settings.

CPD for technicians

Visit the HEaTED website for details of CPD tailored for technicians of all subjects.


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