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Teaching the new mathematics A level

Changes to A level specifications require students to study aspects of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics.

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Core Maths resources find new home

STEM Learning will continue to host the complete collection of materials produced by the Core Maths Support Programme.

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Unpicking the examiner's report A level biology

Analyse examiners' subject reports to find out how to develop your teaching strategies in A level biology.

Teaching biology

New to A level biology

Through the development of new practical techniques, this CPD will provide a foundation for those with little experience of teaching A level biology.

Chemistry students

New to teaching A level chemistry

Develop, lead and support outstanding practical chemistry, linking it to effective pedagogy within the subject.

Impact of Science Learning Partnerships

Science Learning Partnership

Our Science Learning Partnerships combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD, and providing school-to-school support.


Specially selected for teachers, technicians and leaders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for FE teachers. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

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Mathematics in Post 16 Physics

List to support Physics students coping with the increased mathematical demand post-2015, session as part of the course NY502
Publication date:
21 March 2017

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Physics in Vocational Courses

Physics in Vocational Courses – the role of physics in ‘general vocational’ and ‘vocational’ learning pathways. This booklet, from the Institute of Physics, considers the vocational (applied) science curriculum and what physics can contribute to it. [b]Content includes[/b]: • what is ‘vocational physics’? •...
Publication date:
1990 - 1999

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Science in the context of construction and engineering

There is good scope in GCSE physics and chemistry to make clear links with construction and engineering in order to add context and to support and enthuse those students following these vocational qualifications.Common to most specifications for construction and engineering, students will need a good...
Publication date:
04 July 2016

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A level science

Curated resources to support A level science teaching.


Unpick the examiners report - A level physicsNY272

The first run of the new A level exams will highlight areas where students are struggling. An in-depth analysis of the examiners' subject reports is crucial to support development of your teaching and learning approaches in physics A level. Hands-on sessions with examination experts will enable you to delve into the...

Algorithms in A level computer scienceCY206

"The materials and resources made available will be extremely beneficial" "The material was organised along with useful practical suggestions" "The pace and clarity of the topics were well measured" 2016 participants Algorithms underpin much of A Level computer science. This course develops understanding of the...

Teaching the new mathematics A levelMY216

Changes to A level specifications are to be introduced in 2017.  These will require all students to study aspects of Pure mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.  In addition, three overarching themes of Mathematical Argument and Proof, Problem Solving, and Mathematical Modelling must be applied across the whole A...

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