Year of Engineering

The Year of Engineering aims to inspire the next generation of innovators, inventors and problem solvers by showing them what a career in engineering can hold.

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Enriching mathematics with the wonder of engineering

A career in engineering is exciting, rewarding and highly creative. Yet there is a big shortage of young people that think it could be a job for them.The Year of Engineering aims to celebrate the world and wonder of engineering. It forms an important part of the UK Industrial Strategy, which is committed to boosting engineering across the country, ensuring...

Engineering super heroes

Next time you’re ill, would you like to see a doctor or an engineer?Of course, this seems like a daft question. You want to see a doctor, right? A doctor will have trained for many years to diagnose and treat the full range of human ailments whilst the engineer might, at best, have done a first aid course. Doctors make people better; engineers put pipes in...

Why improving gender diversity in STEM should be a priority

Currently, the UK has the lowest proportion of women in engineering of any European country, with females accounting for just 10% of roles and 14% of engineering university places.As part of this small cohort of female engineers, it seems as if thousands of skilled, innovative and talented women aren’t even considering engineering as a career. This should...