Be inspired by our well-known STEM Ambassadors

From simple yet engaging activity ideas, to information about how children learn and life as an astronaut, watch these inspiring videos from famous STEM Ambassadors, including British astronaut Tim Peake.

Dallas Campbell describes a way of making the ultimate paper aeroplane. Download the step-by-step instructions.

Professor Paul Howard-Jones shares his knowhow on the science of how children learn.



Dallas Campbell discusses the link between food and engineering in this video about how astronauts eat bacon sandwiches in space.



Science teacher and STEM Ambassador Leonie Briggs presents a step-by-step guide to making an exploding rainbow.


Make your own rocket at home, with top tips and guidance from Dallas Campbell.


British Astronaut Tim Peake answers children’s questions about how to become an astronaut.



Find out what bras and spacesuits have in common in this video from TV presenter Dallas Campbell.