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Developing practical science

Following school closures, social distancing requirements and the need to sanitise more regularly, practical science and the associated skills have suffered. In some cases, schools have not provided students with any hands-on practical, resorting instead to demonstrations or remote/recorded practical activity.As schools enter the new academic year...


How we ensure our CPD is high quality and high impact

High quality teaching is at the heart of education recovery. The recent publication from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) looked at the cost benefit analysis of high quality CPD on both teachers and students. The report highlights some key messages for senior leaders in terms of supporting teachers in their career...


Start your teaching career on a high with our summer schools

Starting your first teaching job is very exciting - but can also be a bit daunting. This may especially be the case this year with such an unconventional period of training to be a teacher.As part of our support to the STEM teaching community, we have developed a series of summer schools for newly qualified teachers to support the transition from...

Education recovery: accessing the help available

As schools and colleges return to face to face teaching after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, senior leaders all around the country are developing education recovery strategies to help pupils reinforce previous foundations of learning and build on that in the most effective way possible. In this article, we signpost a number of enablers...


Smoothing secondary school transition in STEM

All Year 7 teachers know that new cohorts arrive fro primary school with varying levels of knowledge, skill and confidence. These variations will be compounded by the different approaches that different feeder schools may have adopted during the period of school closures and their implementation of a curriculum recovery strategy. How can this...