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Tanya is the Primary STEM Lead at the National STEM learning centre in York. She works with both primary and secondary professionals to develop effective CPD opportunities and resources. Tanya has a wealth of primary science expertise and has written curriculum resources for the UK and international market. In school, Tanya had a number of roles including senior leadership, primary science leadership and mentoring of new and recently qualified teachers. As an advisory teacher Tanya worked with a range of schools across the Humber region and supported local industries to develop classroom based activities that promoted contextualised learning in science.

Tanya has worked on a variety of projects and publications including; AZSTT – Discussions in Primary Science, NZASE Primary Science Conferences – New Zealand, BA CREST Star Investigators, The Puppets Project, Primary Science: A Guide to Teaching Practice (2011), Science Enquiry Games (4-7 years) Pack and most recently Pearson’s Science Bug UK scheme and international scheme.


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