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In both internal and external observations, words such as 'outstanding' and 'highly engaging' have frequently been used to describe my subject knowledge and classroom presence. However, my students would remark that it is my love for the subject that is most evident with particular emphasis on the passionate way in which I deliver lessons.

Colleagues know me as a highly active and creative contributor to the department, with a drive to provide students with the best possible opportunities for learning. Their observations are born from my vision, which holds that a solid yet enjoyable foundation is the key to academic and occupational success. Over the past 4-years, I have brought this vision to fruition through the development and refinement of a KS3 curriculum together with the resources required to deliver it. To quote my Head of Department (HOD) in a recent appraisal, this work has seen an increase in interest and academic performance in students at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

With the reputation of a subject expert with the ability to drive and deliver effective curriculum change, the Trust has appointed me as the Professional Learning Network (PLN) Leader for computing. Working with HODs across the five schools within the trust, this exciting addition to my role sees me facilitating subject development meetings, imparting the latest research in pedagogy as well as mentoring HODs with their own curriculum development. Most recently, this included facilitating the adaptation of an inner city KS3 computer science curriculum so that it was more accessible to low prior attainers.

Mentoring and delivering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a passion that I have been fortunate to include in other aspects of my role as a teacher of computing. My training sessions on using ICT across the curriculum and flipped learning have been rated highly by SCITT trainees over the past 3 years and the two trainees that I personally mentored both graduated with the grade of outstanding.


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