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UsernameSteve Lyon
OrganisationNational STEM Centre
Current RoleTeacher educator

I have taught mathematics for over 20 years in a variety of secondary schools, to all abilities and age ranges up to further mathematics. I became a head of mathematics at a large comprehensive secondary school and successfully bid to become a mathematics and computing specialist schools. After a brief spell as an assistant head I became an advanced skills teacher working with teachers in primary and secondary schools in York. Since June 2012 I have been a mathematics specialist at the National STEM Learning Centre. I hold the NCETM Advanced Mathematics Professional Development Accredited Lead. I am currently the level 3 lead for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub



Reading helps mathematics

The Institute of Education examined the reading habits of 6,000 children. They concluded that children who read for pleasure are likely to do better in English than those who rarely read in their free time. At first glance this appeared to be a piece of research that revealed the obvious. However, the interesting point is that children who read...


The National STEM Centre – big in Uganda!

Not only are the resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary being used more and more to support the teaching of STEM subjects across the UK - the materials are also being used as far afield as Uganda!We were recently contacted by Barbara Ball, author of the Taskmaths series of books, who told of work that was taking place at the National...

Getting ready for a new term?

‘Mathematics starters’ and ‘Year 7 New Starter Investigations and Activities’ are two lists of resources I have created using the National STEM Centre eLibrary:Mathematics starters contains a list of suggestions for a variety of lesson starters.Year 7 New Starter Investigations and Activities contains a number of mathematical investigations,...