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UsernameSteve Lyon
OrganisationNational STEM Centre
Current RoleTeacher educator

I have taught mathematics for over 20 years in a variety of secondary schools, to all abilities and age ranges up to further mathematics. I became a head of mathematics at a large comprehensive secondary school and successfully bid to become a mathematics and computing specialist schools. After a brief spell as an assistant head I became an advanced skills teacher working with teachers in primary and secondary schools in York. Since June 2012 I have been a mathematics specialist at the National STEM Learning Centre. I hold the NCETM Advanced Mathematics Professional Development Accredited Lead. I am currently the level 3 lead for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub



Problem solving in mathematics: not such a new thing after all!

Problem solving is a key requirement of the new mathematics curriculum. The assessment objectives for the new mathematics GCSE states that a quarter of the marks at foundation level are awarded for students demonstrating their ability to solve problems, for the higher GCSE paper, the requirement is 30%.But as we all know, problem solving in...


Ideas to make revising mathematics engaging

What did the early Easter mean to you? Time after the break to complete those last couple of topics or an opportunity to start revision sessions early?I am always on the lookout for new ideas to break up the monotony of completing past examination papers. It comes as quite a relief, in a strange kind of way, when we find a common problem or...


The challenges and benefits of attending mathematics specific CPD

As a head of a large mathematics department, each week I received a huge mail bag, both physical and electronic, much of which contained information about the latest ‘not to be missed’ CPD opportunity. Whilst I intended to read through them all and pass the details to the relevant member of the department, in reality, the majority ended up in a...


Smile and the world smiles with you

Smile and the world smiles with you’ so the saying goes. At the National STEM Centre we have something to bring a smile to the faces of mathematics teachers in primary and secondary schools up and down the country.Visit the eLibrary and explore the wealth of resources produced by the Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experiment or...


Make mathematics magical

I am a little confused. Well, no change there then!Nicky Morgan has announced a war on illiteracy and innumeracy and is expecting students to learn up to the 12 times table.My first confusion came from watching the Prime Minister, at a news conference, refusing to answer 9 x 8, claiming that he only does times tables in the car with his children...


What is a big number?

 The draft proposals for the new A level mathematics curriculum calls for students to interpret real data presented in summary or graphical form and use data to investigate questions arising in real contexts. I think that students at all ages benefit from interpreting ‘real-life’ data.Here is an opportunity for your class to contribute to...


Who were the first winners of the Football World Cup?

I always thought that Uruguay were the first winners of the football world cup in 1930. However, on my way to Weardale, County Durham I passed through a town where the road sign stated; “West Aukland, home to the winners of the first football world cup”! A football exhibition in Stanhope confirmed the fact that West Aukland won the first world cup...


Resourcing the new secondary mathematics curriculum

In a recent blog, “Planning for the New Mathematics Curriculum” I talked about how I once planned the Key Stage 3 curriculum by shuffling pieces of paper on my living room floor. My next large curriculum planning task was to have an influence on the whole school, not just the mathematics department.Quite a while ago, the then government...


Planning for the new mathematics curriculum

The plan was clear. All I needed was:the mathematics objectives printed onto different coloured slips of paper depending upon the topic; number, algebra, space and shape etcmany pieces of sugar papera glue stickliving room floora few hours of peace and quiet one Saturday afternoonAfter an exhausting afternoon I had finally completed my...


Collect and share your favourite resources

There are many places teachers search for new resources. In the past I have had filing cabinets full of worksheets and a pocketful of memory sticks containing a whole host of resources of varying quality – but you don’t need to do this anymore.One of the most useful functions of the eLibrary is the ability to make your own lists of resources and...