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Hi! My name is Polly Stubbs, founder of “Ta-Dah!” a Multi-Creative Educational Resource Base. Ta-Dah! brings together all my expertise in drama & the creative arts to help compliment work in schools, social care and local communities.
My experience in theatre & the creative arts spans over 35 years, plus over 12 years of experience in education as LSA/TA. What I want to do is to pass on what I've learnt, to help, encourage & develop a passion for the arts, & to see that experience being passed on once more.

I am of the strong belief that creativity has vital part to play in all stages and forms of learning. Were it not for finding an amateur theatre group as a 14 year old, I would have continued to struggle, find confidence and not appreciate my gifting and skills. Out there are many children, young people and adults who find every day life a challenge. I want to give every child, every adult I work with, irrespective of ability ways to express themselves and, most importantly, for them to know that, in whatever way they contribute, that contribution is vital and necessary as anyone else, is strategic to learning, whether at school, home or in the community.

Creative learning is not just the right thing for the school or college day; it's amazing for everyday life, it's encouraging & a positive reinforcement. Through my time in education, I've run dance, drama, creative writing and BSL classes for students. I can honestly say how much of a change I've seen; children coming out of their shell, as they find something that really stretches their imagination.

Inclusion is key to what I do; everyone is involved, irrespective of background, age, gender, faith, etc. My objective is to provide freedom in expression through dance, drama, visual art, spoken & unspoken word, music and team work. No idea is ever rejected. Creative thinking, respect, mindfulness and safety are central to every lesson, session and workshop.

Through each piece of work, whether it’s a rap, a song in BSL or a crazy dance, the intention is to help each pupil & person connect with what they have crafted. In this way, they see the progression from the initial thought to its conclusion, thus realising that everyone’s contribution are not only worthwhile, but unique.

As you can see, I'm intensely passionate about Creativity and how impacts every single thing we do!!



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