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As a science education consultant, working with science teachers, technicians and senior leaders, making science meaningful, motivating and engaging, for all is my priority. Many years of secondary school science teaching and leading learning, followed by consultancy experience at local and national level, have equipped me for this role. I relish new opportunities for developing my interest and expertise in biology and STEM education and to support others.
I am currently working on a number of projects: writing materials for a STEM engagement project; coaching and mentoring to support development of enquiry skills in primary and secondary science; developing literacy and numeracy skills through science and DT; supporting research into current practice and development of practical work; using debate to develop sixth form students' understanding of how ethical and moral issues interact with science for those in science and non-science jobs. I enjoy working with technicians and teachers to develop their technical skills, with a particular emphasis on effective biology practical, including microbiology.
Currently studying for a Masters' degree in Education I am committed to identifying best practice in Continuing Professional Development and education.


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Taking learning outside: how you can celebrate Fascination of Plants Day

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Is it ever OK to admit you find teaching biology difficult?

Chatting with a colleague the other day, I had one of those light bulb moments. She said how difficult it was for her to admit that she found teaching biology difficult.As a degree qualified chemist with industry experience, she had subject expertise and plenty of ideas for teaching chemistry and physics, but didn’t feel confident about her...