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‘Dr Mark’ Biddiss – formerly a gas-man turned space-scientist and college lecturer - is now a science and maths educational provider, teacher trainer and writer, visiting schools all over the UK and abroad. Visit his website at: www.Dr-Mark.co.uk for full details of his range of highly-rated, fun and novel STEM-themed pupils shows, teachers' CPD options and classroom resources, along with hoards of testimonials.

Since 1996 he has specialised in researching and designing fun and novel science and maths-based activities and investigations to engage and inspire pupils and teachers about science and maths, and the thinking skills involved.

Since 1997 ‘Dr Mark’ has visited many hundreds of schools all over the UK with his novel, lively and fun science- and maths-themed pupil shows, hands-on pupil workshops and teacher training days. He has worked directly with countless thousands of pupils – aged 4 to 16 – and their parents and teachers, delivering to ALL abilities, including Special Educational Needs and more able Gifted & Talented pupils.

Since 2005 he has been researching the latest and most effective 'life' tools and techniques from the cognitive and behavioural sciences, including training in Neuro-Lingistics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Coaching & Mentoring. He is a member of the Society of Authors and the Institute of Counselling.

As is evident from numerous testimonials, ‘Dr Mark’ is widely regarded as a popular and inspirational speaker and educational provider, and is engaged regularly by schools and by many high-profile clients, including numerous local government authorities around the UK. He is also called upon regularly to speak at national annual teacher conference events, including the annual TES Teaching Conferences and the NEC Education Show.

To date, Dr Mark has written eight teachers' science and maths books and supporting CDROM and video resources, two kids' books, several teachers' CPD course manuals - all used by thousands of schools throughout the UK and overseas - and he has even designed, written and delivers an innovative, multimedia weight-loss programme. View some of his science experiments on YouTube (search 'Dr Mark Science Experiments')


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