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Current RoleTeacher educator

The British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP) was founded in 1981 for the study and advancement of plant pathology. The BSPP welcomes members from all over the world and from all branches of plant pathology. We support the professional interests of plant pathologists worldwide and provide information and communicate with our members via a newsletter, website and annual meeting. We organise regular scientific meetings, edit three international pathology journals and make funds available to members for both travel expenses and short term undergraduate and masters level studentships.

My name is Dr. Phil Smith. In 2015, I was appointed as the Outreach Officer for BSPP. I have a research background in plant pathology and over 10 years experience working in science education as coordinator of Norfolk's Teacher Scientist Network. The Society recognised the need to support teachers with curriculum change that has seen aspects of plant disease become a part of the GCSE and A-level curricula.

We hope you find our resources useful, welcome your feedback and are happy to address any queries you may have. You can find more about the Society and our outreach activity by visiting