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Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

In recent years, Keurig has become a well-recognized household brand name. Its single serve coffee maker has significantly changed the way people brew and drink coffee. More and more people are getting this coffee maker to replace the classic drip or traditional French press coffee maker. Only requiring a touch of a button, the Classic Keurig K-Cup brings you a piping hot cup of delicious coffee with the maximum convenience. It cuts down on the time spent preparing coffee grounds, boiling water, or waiting for the coffee to drip.

➾ With its compact and stylish design, it will fit well in any kitchen. Among the  top Best Review Keurig coffee makers, the Classic Keurig K-cup Single Serve Coffee Maker holds the title of one of the best of products on Amazon Prime. It has been listed among the best gifted Amazon products since its launch. Here are 3 reasons why the Classic Keurig K-cup Single Serve coffee maker has continuously been customers’ favorite.


➾ The Classic Keurig Single Serve’s simplicity starts with its easy installation and the use of a single-button control. After inserting a K-cup (a sealed cartridge filled with tea or coffee, often in the form of a small plastic cup with a plastic ring covered with a foil top), you can select the brew size then simply press the control button to start the brewing process. It takes less than a minute for this Keurig to brew a hot and great-tasting cup of coffee. Brewing coffee has never been more effortless!

Large water reservoir with water filter

➾ This Keurig model offers a 48 oz. water reservoir, which allows users to brew more than 6 cups before having to refill it. So if you have your daily morning coffee routine at home, you can go the entire work week without refilling the reservoir. Another convenient feature this Keurig provides is the removability of the reservoir, along with other main parts of the machine, such as the pot holder, needles for the K-cup, funnels, and external panel, for easy cleaning. Its two water filters provide better taste and preserve the flavor of the coffee.

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➾ The Classic Keurig is designed to take care of one common problem we often encounter: forgetting to turn off an electrical appliance. Not only does it hike up the bill at the end of the month, it can send anyone into panic mode when they forgets to turn it off before leaving the house. The auto time in the Classic Keurig allows automatic switch off after it has been idle for 2 hours, which will give us forgetful users some peace of mind.


➾ Keurig provides a step-by-step, detailed descaling video to instruct users on how to remove calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside the machine over time. This process is especially necessary for users who do not have access to highly purified water when brewing. Cleaning and descaling the Keurig will maintain and prolong its performance.

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➾ The Classic Keurig K-Cup coffee machine earns its 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews and has stood the test of time as a top reviewed single-serve brewer. If you are looking to add to your kitchen a stylish yet functional coffee machine for your family, this is the one you should consider.


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