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Our lives are largely dependent on machines and electronic gadgets. We are very lucky that we live in an era where all of these luxuries were possible through <a href="https://www.mokotechnology.com/electronic-manufacturing/">electronic manufacturing</a> services. This allows us to identify our needs and routine tasks. So that we can design and manufacture electronic gadgets to automatically take care of these needs and tasks. Hence, it allows us to make our lives easier and our world a better place.
In 2021, the global <a href="https://www.mokotechnology.com/electronic-manufacturing-services-market-... manufacturing services</a> (EMS) market size was valued at $500.26 billion, which is expected to grow at $849.72 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 7.9%. The whole market grows rapidly which is driven by industries like telecommunication and medical, and according to the statistics, most end-users of EMS are from communication and computer hardware industries account for about 59% of the total demand.


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