Enhancement and enrichment in triple science

A wealth of resources and ideas which provide information and practical suggestions to support and develop enhancement and enrichment opportunities.
  • Astrobiology

    Investigations and resources that link astrobiology to the science curriculum - the search for life on other worlds is one of the most fascinating contexts that science lessons can have.

  • Careers

    Science qualifications open doors to thousands of career choices and pathways. Enrich your curriculum with these ideas and resources to raise students’ awareness and aspirations.

  • Chemistry at work

    From the Royal Society of Chemistry, an exciting and engaging way for students to interact with local organisations based in the chemical sciences.

  • Crest Awards

    Build your students’ transferable skills and enthusiasm through the British Science Association Crest Awards - endorsed by UCAS for inclusion in students’ personal statements.

  • Faraday Challenges

    Feed curious minds with these challenges from the Institution of Engineering and Technology – designed to promote team work and raise the profile of STEM subjects.

  • Field Work

    Take your students out of the classroom to experience fieldwork first hand, with support from organisations like the Field Studies Council.

  • Genomics

    Link up with your local university to bring cutting edge research into the classroom.

  • Radiation and medicine

    Engaging resources and ideas to bring the electromagnetic spectrum to life through the context of medical physics.

  • STEM Ambassadors

    Find out how STEMNET’s network of enthusiastic and inspiring role models can help to excite and encourage students in STEM subjects.


All teachers recognise that some parts of science can be difficult or less exciting to teach and this can be even more problematic if it is outside your area of expertise. Similarly some areas lend themselves to extension through links with external agencies or by direct contact with ‘real world scientists.’ You will find a wealth of resources and ideas here which provide background information and practical suggestions to support classroom practice and develop enhancement and enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum. You will also find information about the CPD available through the National Science Learning Network to support the delivery of triple science.

Support programme

Resources, professional development and discussion groups to support the teaching of triple science.

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