Skills shortage costing STEM sector £1.5bn

STEM skills shortages are a problem for employers, society and the economy, and cannot be addressed by government or schools alone – it is everyone’s responsibility and in everyone’s interests to help.

Benefit to businesses

By working with local schools and colleges, businesses can build the STEM skills pipeline and develop relationships with future employees; motivate their current employees through working with young people, and increase their visibility as a STEM employer active in the community. 

How we help

STEM Learning bridges the gap between businesses and schools. With our national teacher training centre, and STEM Ambassadors programme representing 2,500 employers, we have proven experience. Take a look at our video below showing how we do this. 

Get involved

To achieve a world-leading STEM education, we are calling on businesses to partner with us on a sustained basis and invest in teachers.

If you would like to partner with us, email to help reduce the STEM skills shortage.