STEM Learning risk assessment for COVID-19

A full risk assessment for both staff and visitors to the National STEM Learning Centre has been carried out. Below is a summary of the significant findings and control measures in place.


  • Movement around the building will be controlled to minimise mixing of people
  • Social distancing will be maintained; to 2 metres, or 1 metre with additional precautions where required
  • Meeting spaces will be used with low numbers so that social distancing can be observed, and remote meetings used in preference where available
  • Entry to the building has minimal social contact, including for collecting accommodation keys, etc
  • Participants on courses will be encouraged to avoid public transport - free parking will be available for the duration of courses
  • Additional bicycle storage has been made available
  • Food and rest breaks will be staggered for course participants
  • Increased cleaning of high-traffic areas and surfaces with disinfectant-detergent solutions
  • Additional cleaning during the day of handrails, door plates, taps, light switches, toilet flushes, coffee machines, tabletops and other frequently touched surfaces
  • Ensuite guest accommodation bedrooms will be cleaned when participants are not present; all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and non-essential items will be removed from the accommodation
  • Restaurant facilities will be open for guests but self-service function will be disabled
  • Teaching spaces and equipment, including laboratories and iPads, will have additional cleaning of surfaces between uses
  • Personal hygiene will be encouraged with hand-sanitising stations at entries to the building. Additional handwashing facilities will be provided in laboratory spaces
  • For practical courses, individual sanitised PPE (eg safety spectacles, goggles and lab coats) will be provided, along with disposable non-latex gloves where appropriate
  • Arrangements will be made for isolation of any member of staff or participant who shows signs of illness, until they are able to return home
  • Participants on courses will be required to give contact details specifically for track and trace purposes, which will be securely held for up to 21 days, as required by the UK Government

Further information is available on request and for course participants, detailed information will be provided in the joining instructions for the course.