The STEM Learning network

Our network supports our vision to achieve a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.

Our Network is made up of:

  • the National STEM Learning Centre, York - providing intensive, residential professional development, online CPD and a library physical and online STEM teaching resources
  • Science Learning Partnerships in England - providing locally available science focussed professional development
  • our partners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - providing locally available professional development through SSERC, See Science and Deliberate Learning
  • STEM Ambassador Hubs in the UK - linking individuals and STEM employers with schools, colleges, youth and community groups supporting young people in STEM
  • Computing hubs in England - provide local support for teachers in primary and secondary schools in their area
  • STEM Club Champions in England - provide local support for club leaders, teachers and technicians in secondary schools in their area

Click the map for more information and contact details.

Regional Network Leads

North East

Owen McAteer - 07748 158342 or

East Midlands

Daniel Lewin - 07881 836686 or 

East of England

Daljit Kaur - 07881 836888 or

North West

Mark Wood - 07748 148381 or


Shelley Hancock - 07867443517 or

South East

Aj Sharman - 07825 604071 or

South West

Stuart Ball - 07748 164877 or

West Midlands

Eva Fryc - 07748 161211 or

Yorkshire and Humber

Sarah Myers - 07718 191115 or