STEM Educators

Designed to recognise the impact of professional development on you, your colleagues and your students, STEM Educators is your opportunity to achieve professional recognition.

Application and accreditation is totally free and will help you demonstrate the impact of professional learning on you and your students through your participation in STEM Learning and other professional development. STEM Educators is the new name for the Teacher and Support Staff Recognition Scheme.

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How can I apply?

Open to teachers and support staff working across the STEM subjects within any UK school or college on three levels:

  • Effective STEM Teacher or Support Staff 
  • Leading STEM Teacher or Support Staff
  • National Expert

You must be able to evidence at least five days a year of CPD, including subject-specific CPD. For a guide to what you need to include in your application, plus some top tips on making a convincing application, please see the guidance document:

Whatever level you attain will be an excellent addition to your performance management records, and will help you stand out in the field when applying for new roles. As such, whichever level you qualify for, you should strongly consider an application.


Can I apply on behalf of a colleague?

Yes you can. Please be aware you will have to detail the qualifying CPD they have participated in, and the impact it has had, so it is worth getting this information together before you start the application. Check the application guidance for further information.


How will my application be assessed?

All entries will be considered by experienced professional development educators from our team and applications can be made throughout the year. You will be informed of the result in the following month, and we will announce all winners on our website.