​​STEM Club workshops

Local STEM Club Champions across England are delivering free CPD workshops for state-maintained secondary schools and FE colleges. Delivering CPD both face-to-face and remotely, they offer local support to your school to sustain and grow STEM-related clubs out-of-timetable for students. Lunch time, after school, weekend and holiday clubs enhance and enrich the curriculum. For further information contact STEMclubs@stem.org.uk.


Getting started

STEM Clubs are an ideal opportunity to enrich secondary schools' student learning, understanding and enjoyment of STEM subjects, helping to improve skill sets through fun and creative extra-curricular sessions. Utilising the knowledge of experienced club leaders, this workshop explores best practice, ideas, opportunities, hints, tips and advice that will assist new and inexperienced club leaders to maximise the benefits a STEM Club can bring
to students, schools and themselves.



How to run a successful and thriving club

This workshop is for STEM Club leaders who have been running a club for a while and want to help their club to flourish into the foreseeable future. It looks at different ways of running a  STEM Club, what a thriving and successful Club is like, how to maintain interest in the young people who attend, how to enhance the STEM experience and maximise the impact on the students attending the club whilst keeping running a club manageable in your workload.

Enhancing employability skills and careers knowledge

STEM Clubs have incredible potential to combine a number of subjects within a single theme offering opportunities to conduct scientific investigations, experiments and engage in practical hands on activities. This workshop explores how club leaders can bring added benefit to club sessions by enhancing essential employability skills, raising awareness of careers and helping to support the school’s careers agenda. Helping to increase club leaders’ knowledge and equip  them with valuable skills that can translate into the classroom.

Measuring impact and gaining recognition

This workshops purpose is to provide club leaders, both new and experienced, with an understanding of why monitoring impact is important and how it can benefit the club and those involved. The workshop session will enable club leaders to explore impact monitoring methodology, how to gather and present evidence and how to use it refine the STEM Club to better meet the needs of the students and the school.

Supported by the Gatsby Foundation, the workshops are part of the STEM Clubs expansion programme that enables us to remote and online support to grow STEM Clubs provision across England. This initiative will also help teachers to deliver the Gatsby Career Benchmarks by connecting STEM careers and providing opportunities to link with industry professionals and STEM Ambassadors.