STEM Clubs Week

STEM Clubs Week 2022 – Launching into Space

STEM Clubs Week is a free, virtual event that is a week-long celebration of STEM Clubs across the country. This annual event supports club leaders and educators in developing existing clubs, or setting up new clubs.

This year’s theme is 'Launching into Space', and throughout the week, STEM Clubs leaders and young people alike will be inspired by our exciting timetable of space-themed virtual sessions, including talks, fun challenges and webinars. STEM Clubs Week 2022 also offers young people the chance to virtually connect with space industry professionals and learn about STEM careers.


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  Welcome to STEM Clubs Week

Monday 27 June - 10am

(Primary & Secondary)

Students launching a CanSat in the field

Tom Lyons, STEM Learning

Join Tom for take off and learn more about the Challenge of the Week – Build your own Rocket.

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STEM Clubs Week 2022 Challenge resources

  Let’s do the CanSat challenge

Tuesday 28 June - 10am


CanSat team with their can satellite in the field

Rebecca Crawford-Richardson and Josh Duncan, STEM Learning

Join the team at STEM Learning to find out about the CanSat challenge and how you can be involved. 

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  The career journey of a Space Engineer

Wednesday 29 June - 10am


Jodie Howlett

Jodie Howlett, UK Space Agency

Hear from Jodie Howlett, a Space Systems Engineer at the UK Space Agency, on how she navigated her way to working in the Space sector. 

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  Building skills for a career in the space industry

Thursday 30 June - 10am


dice spelling out the word skills

Samiksha Raviraja, UKSEDS

Join a session to hear from Samiksha on what skills are essential for a career in the space industry and how you can cultivate those in your students. 

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  Launch into space through dance

Thursday 30 June - 3.30pm


kids in a dance class

National Space Centre

Learn about rockets and then let's dance! All you need is enough space in the room to stretch your legs and boogie.

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  The road to rocketry

Monday 27 June - 11am

(Primary & Secondary)

Rocket engines

Nathanael Jenkins, Imperial College London

Join Nathanael Jenkins on his road to rocketry as he talks about the journey, he has taken from his early days in the school STEM club, participating in and winning the F1 in Schools competition and his studying aeronautical engineering at Imperial College. Discover why aiming high, teamwork, communication and other essential skills can lead to great things. Nathanael's journey has ignited a lifetime aim which he is on track to fulfill. 

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  What’s happening in orbit

Tuesday 28 June - 11am


Satellite in orbit

Ciara McGrath, Manchester University

How many spacecrafts are flying around just above our heads? What are they all doing? And how can we use STEM to design new space missions that make the world a better place? 

Get some paper and pens ready if you want to try the Maths problems in the talk. 

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  Let’s Launch!

Wednesday 29 June - 11am



David Pollard, Spaceport Cornwall

An introduction to the first ever launch of a satellite into space from UK soil.

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  Behind the scenes at RAL Space

Thursday 30 June - 11am

(Primary & Secondary)

research laboratory

Vicky Hall, RAL Space

Join Vicky in exploring RAL Space - laboratory that carries out world-class science research and technology development with significant involvement in more than 210 instruments on missions to date.

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  The history of space travel – past, present and future

Friday 1 July - 11am



British Interplanetary Society

Come along and find out about how space travel has progressed through the ages and how the future of Space travel may look.

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  How a rocket works

Monday 27 June - 3.30pm

(Primary & Secondary) 

rocket bluepring

Suzanne Harvey, Royal Institution

Join the tram at the Royal Institution to find out how a rocket works. 

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  Bottle Rocket Project 

Tuesday 28 June - 3.30pm


male student crafting

Mike Fairbaine, EgglesCliffe School and 6th Form College

A practical activity which focuses the students to design, build and launch their own bottle rocket. For the activity you will need:

  • Corks that’ll fit in the mouth of 2 litre bottles
  • 10-20 bike pump needles
  • 2L plastic bottles (one per kid at least)
  • Corrugated card or plastic for fins         
  • Thin card or material to make nose nones
  • Duct tape
  • Marker pens
  • Scissors and craft knives
  • Lots of water
  • Drill with small bit, or very fine punch

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  Send a message to the International Space Station

Wednesday 29 June - 3.30pm 

(Secondary & Primary) 


Claire Given, Astro Pi

Would you like to write some code and send it to the International Space Station to be read by the astronauts on board? If so, join this session to learn all about the Astro Pi programme. No coding experience is necessary, and the activity can be completed in a single lesson.

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  Code Club codealong

Thursday 30 June - 1.30pm 

(Suitable for 9-13 years old)

code club codealong graphic

Yasmin Hanif, Raspberry Pi 

We are inviting your group to join the Code Club team to create a simple project in Scratch. The codealong is aimed at young people aged 9–13 and is open to all schools and community groups regardless of whether they attend Code Club. 

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