Design and technology careers support


We've put together a selection of teaching resources, videos, posters and information to help you explore careers linked to design and technology.


A collage showing the range of careers available in design, technology and engineering © This is Engineering and Rolls-Royce PLC

Career profiles, videos and posters

Explore resources, posters and information to help you bring careers learning to life.

  • Career profiles

    Career profiles and interviews with people who use design and technology as part of their day-to-day roles.

    Career profiles

  • Career Videos

    A collection of video clips promoting the people and careers that link to further study in design and technology.

    Career Videos

  • Career posters

    A collection of places to find free, downloadable posters and displays that show how design and technology is used in the wider world.

    Career posters

  • Career information

    This collection contains a range of careers information for those considering a career involving design and technology.

    Career information


Resources that support linking careers to…

Resources to help you answer that recurring question - "When will I need to use this in real life?".


Looking for more support?

As a teacher at a school or college, you can play a pivotal role in the career development of students. To help you provide the best possible support to young people, we have put together a selection of resources, programmes and guidance.