STEM Ambassador Programme

Life-changing impact for young people, delivered by STEM professionals in classrooms and communities.

STEM subjects are brought to life by over 30,000 volunteers, available across the UK, all free of charge. Inspiring communicators and relatable role models, they are here to help now, by connecting online. Aspirations raised, careers illuminated and learning supported.

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Working with young people

Ambassadors and employers

  • 33,000
    STEM Ambassadors in the UK

  • 640,000
    hours volunteered per year 

  • 7000
    different, diverse employers engaged

Latest STEM Ambassadors news

  • Business breakfast event: Building on the climate change debate by exploring the science behind it

    STEM Learning’s recent online business breakfast included an impressive panel who shared their ideas and thoughts around climate change. The conversation looked at how we can inspire the next generation through small scale changes to...

  • Making a big STEM impact on Asteroid Day

    What have Queen guitarist Brian May, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and filmmaker Grig Richters all got in common? (No, this is not the start of a bad joke.)  They are all co-founders, along with Danica Remy from the B612 Foundation, of...

  • How to develop a STEM sweet tooth on World Chocolate Day

    7 July is World Chocolate Day - and is a great opportunity to explore this wonderful material with your classes.

    Whenever I think of chocolate, I instantly go to Michael Rosen’s brilliant poem 'Chocolate'.


  • Maisie Keogh: Patients, PhDs, and Biomedical Engineering

    With an interest in chemistry, physics and medicine, Maisie Keogh wasn't sure which area of science she should pursue at university. By keeping her options open she has combined multiple disciples into a PH.D in Biomedical Engineering. Motivated...

  • Civil Engineering, a career to be proud of

    International Women in Engineering Day is on 23 June, so all this week we are profiling a range of female STEM Ambassadors working in engineering. We spoke to Amanda Shaw from Aecom about her career journey into civil engineering.