People Like Me

When joining the STEM Ambassadors Programme, many of our volunteers cite a desire to inspire under-represented groups in STEM as one of their reasons for signing up, and we are keen to support our STEM Ambassadors with this ambition.

In January 2016, partnered with the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), we launched a campaign to offer STEM Ambassadors training in and innovative new approach to inspire girls in STEM called People Like Me. This training aims to speak to girls aged 11-14 on their terms by taking into account girls’ tendency to articulate their self-identity using adjectives rather than verbs.

People Like Me training is a two-and-a-half-hour session delivered by STEM Ambassador Hubs around the country. The first half of the session covers the underlying principles of the approach and the second half offers practical advice on how to run effective People Like Me activities with girls in a variety of settings.

To find out when you might be able to attend a People Like Me training session in your area, please contact your local STEM Ambassador Hub.


People Like Me resources for STEM Ambassadors

The resources below are designed to support STEM Ambassadors who have taken the People Like Me training and are available via the STEM Ambassador’s Resource Bank. You may need to log in using your STEM Ambassador username and password in order to download the resources.

Guidance documents:

Short session:

Long session:

Mothers and daughters evening session:

A mothers and daughters evening session could comprise of any combination of the following resources:

Further training

Find out about more training opportunities for STEM Ambassadors: