Powerful Practicals

Whilst developing a practical activity may be daunting, our Powerful Practicals training can support you through the process of creating, developing and delivering practicals.

Practical work

With advice on health and safety, planning and pitching your message at an appropriate level, this training will help you build something interactive into all your STEM Ambassador activities, from careers talks to off-timetable days.

The training is available face-to-face through your local STEM Ambassador Hub or online.

Contact your local STEM Ambassador Hub

Your local STEM Ambassador Hub can advise you on when the training will be running. If there are no sessions due to run in your local area, there may be sessions nearby from neighbouring Hubs.

Access the online toolkit

The Powerful Practicals training is also available as an online toolkit for STEM Ambassadors to help you design and develop practical activities.

Powerful Practicals workbook

The Powerful Practicals training was developed with the support of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

Chapter 5 of the workbook was developed as part of the Bringing Chemistry to Life programme, based on Powerful Practicals, and supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry.