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Engaging with the STEM Ambassadors programme will help you to gain a more motivated, enthusiastic and skilled workforce, who play a part in inspiring young people with STEM careers. 


STEM Ambassadors in action


Encouraging employees to become STEM Ambassadors will raise the profile of your company, whilst playing a crucial role in closing the STEM skills gap. Hear from STEM Ambassadors and employers to find out how your organisation can get involved.

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STEM Ambassador stories

  • Hearing is believing

    "At inductions and events, I’ve had the chance to spend time with some of Atkins’ other 500 STEM Ambassadors and learn about their roles within our organisation. This has helped me get a broader understanding of other STEM careers that I can talk to students about, and has been a great way to build my network – something that is invaluable when you work in a big company."

    Vicky Stewart is an acoustics specialist at Atkins and is passionate about her role as a STEM Ambassador.

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