Activities you can do

STEM Ambassadors get involved in a range of activities to impact on young people's learning and enjoyment of STEM subjects. When it comes to the types of activities you can do, the opportunities are endless.

Activities you can do

  • Careers talks

    STEM careers and advice sessions.

  • CPD for educators

    Develop and run professional development activities.

  • Employability skills

    Help with mock interviews and CV writing.

  • Events and exhibitions

    Support an exhibition, event or enrichment day.

  • advice

    Provide support to governors, headteachers and senior leaders.

  • Judge a competition

    Judge a STEM-related competition or challenge.

  • Mentoring

    Provide mentoring or support with STEM projects and activities.

  • Practical work

    Hands-on practical work to engage students with STEM subjects.

  • Presentations

    Deliver a lecture or assembly around STEM careers.

  • Resources

    Support educators by developing resources and activities.

  • Speed networking

    Networking opportunities or question and answer sessions.

  • Visit a workplace

    Host a visit to a workplace to inspire young people with STEM.