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More problems to solve

I have spent the last hour tweaking what I intend to do in Monday’s course, “Using resources to develop problem solving skills in secondary mathematics” The problem I have is not what to do, but what to leave out. We have so many resources from on the eLibrary alone before adding resources from...


Problem solving lessons

When you set the objectives for a lesson, are they always content based? To understand how to add fractions, use Pythagoras' theorem...

Have you ever set the objective as to develop a particular problem solving strategy? The one day course "Using resources to develop problem solving skills in secondary...


Problem solving resources

I've put together a few of my favourite resources to encourage problem solving in my maths lessons:

What are your favourite resources?

Any collection of this kind will never be exhaustive, but if you think I've missed a great resource let us know. If you do have any...


Sherborne Primary - Space Problem Solving

In Key Stage 1 children have been solving space maths problems using numicon. 


What is the problem with problem solving?

I was privileged to be invited to attend an excellent session, being held at the Centre, run by a local maths hub, exploring problem solving in mathematics. The session was attended by a group of teachers, from primary and secondary schools, who will act as ambassadors to support other teachers in their locality...


Using UKMT problems to develop problem solving skills

I like using problems like the one attached to this post, taken from the 2012 UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, in the classroom. If you haven’t seen it before, have a go at it now, but also think about how you might use it in the classroom.

I have used this question by just drawing the diagram...


FMSP Year 12 Students and Teacher Problem Solving Course

FMSP are holding a one day course at The National STEM Centre in York on Wednesday 21st October 2015

Teachers are invited to bring up to five of their Year 12 students for a day of Problem Solving.

This course aims:

· To familiarise teachers with problem solving resources to use...


How are you going to assess problem solving?

I attended the Yorkshire Ridings hub mathematics conference last week and was entertained by Alex Bellos who gave a very interesting talk which included the results of his world-wide quest to find the world’s most favourite number and the reasons why people had a favourite number in the first place. Maybe you...


A donation, a chance meeting…problem solved!

I am doing some planning for some upcoming courses and required a source of unusual and interesting questions and some Cuisenaire Rods. Fortunately, a kindly mathematician was having a clear out and donated a number of resources to our archive, including a number of old mathematical pie and plus magazines. A chance...


Puzzles and problems

I'll use this thread to post various puzzles and problems that you might like to ty out on the more enterprising pupils.

First a question involving the use of matrices to extract square roots. The problem is attached as a PDF file.

Also some advice to teachers: This problem is not...