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Developing mathematical thinking and problem solving through ScratchCY006

Scratch is a free programming language available to use online or as a free download. The software is commonly used in schools to deliver many elements of the KS2 Computing Curriculum. There have been many studies and pilot projects evaluating the impact of how learning computer programming can impact positively on...

Maths subject knowledge: proportional reasoningNE204

Proportional reasoning, and the use of ratios, is required across different areas of the mathematics curriculum. It is essential to many areas of science and technology and is used in a range of real-world situations in both life and work. On this self-paced, online subject knowledge course, we explore a number of...

Bringing Mars exploration to the classroomCY218

ESA's ExoMars mission will search for signs of life on the red planet. Using Lego robotics, data logging and simple engineering challenges you will learn how to link this exciting context across STEM subjects, motivating students to link together skills and knowledge. The course will include lesson activities and...

DfES Video Case Study "Modelling with Geometry & Algebra"

The DfES produced a series of resource packs in all subjects in 2004 called "Key Stage 3 Embedding ICT @ Secondary". These contained a CD with print resources and video case studies which I cannot find available elsewhere. So I have converted 5 of the video case studies...

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20 April 2015

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Algorithms in GCSE computer scienceCP200

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education, and forms part of the Computer Science Accelerator programme  An understanding of algorithms is fundamental to success in computer science. To reach their full potential, students of GCSE computer science need to be confident in using...

Programming 101: An Introduction to Python for EducatorsCO207

Explore the basics of Python. Guided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you’ll learn to code your first program

Computing for students with complex SEND needsCY700

The computing curriculum provides the opportunity to teach pupils key problem-solving skills, as well as supporting literacy, numeracy and life skills through a variety of unplugged and computer-based activities.This course will provide you with the confidence and practical ideas to adapt the curriculum for the...

Human robots, dance and the Haka – enriching the KS1 curriculum through codingCY008

Many activities children engage with at KS1 are based on logical reasoning and problem solving. The ability to break activities and problems into smaller parts and reflect on how they are ‘pieced together’ to achieve an outcome, allows children to better understand the world around them and work more effectively...

Welcome to Project Work in Computer Science

This is a new website for teachers and pupils in Computing created in 2019. In particular, this site proposes to support Computational thinking directed towards creative problem-solving and design in Algorithms and Programming....

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07 February 2019



Be part of inspiring a new generation of engineers !

EDT is looking for mentors to work with teams of Year 8 and 9 students in Blackpool on an environmentally themed projects!



What is Go4SET?

Go4SET aims at sparking the interest of Pupils (ages 12-14)...

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03 April 2018