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Maths Workshops by The Problem Solving Company

The Problem Solving Company offers Maths workshops for both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the UK.
Our National Curriculum based workshops are a great way to improve the image of Maths in your school. Using large resources enables maximum participation for the groups and helps encourage...

Publication date:
19 April 2018



Using manipulatives to enhance understanding and problem solving in primary mathematicsMY005

This exciting new CPD will encourage active learning in primary mathematics lessons with the use of different manipulatives. Research suggests that the use of manipulatives is beneficial to all children's mathematical understanding, and can help children's retention, problem solving and reasoning. During this course...

Assessing, moderating and tracking primary mathematicsMY032

How can you combine conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, reasoning and problem solving to accurately assess performance in mathematics? With the standardised levels of assessment removed and a focus on a deep sustainable learning of mathematics, measuring attainment of your children across the curriculum...

Maths Puzzle Day by School Puzzle Company

If your school is looking to encourage Thinking Skills and Problem Solving as a part of your Math’s curriculum then The School Puzzle Company can help. Using our carefully crafted giant puzzles our Math’s Puzzle Activity Days encourage use of Math’s language, team work and shows students that by persevering with a...

Publication date:
19 April 2018



Developing STEM in the primary curriculumRP293

During this session you will identify the skills needed to become successful in STEM and learn how to integrate STEM skills into the primary curriculum.

Computing for students with complex SEND needsCY700

The computing curriculum provides the opportunity to teach pupils key problem-solving skills, as well as supporting literacy, numeracy and life skills through a variety of unplugged and computer-based activities.This course will provide you with the confidence and practical ideas to adapt the curriculum for the...

Human robots, dance and the Haka – enriching the KS1 curriculum through codingCY008

Many activities children engage with at KS1 are based on logical reasoning and problem solving. The ability to break activities and problems into smaller parts and reflect on how they are ‘pieced together’ to achieve an outcome, allows children to better understand the world around them and work more effectively...

Mastery in primary mathematicsMY002

The essential idea behind mastery is that all children need to develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning so that they can apply it to solve a variety of problems. Through using a wide range of strategies, pupils are supported through the use of manipulatives and models and challenged to...

Scratch programming in primary schoolCV001

Scratch is the most popular tool for computer programming in primary schools around the world, and is used independently by millions of children for their own projects. Its block-based, drag-and-drop system supports accessible, creative learning for children of all abilities and levels of experience. Children can...

Teaching primary mathematics for new and recently qualified teachersMY006

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics," Paul Halmos. This activity is aimed at those teachers in the early stages of their careers who would like to develop their mathematics teaching. You will explore current good practice in mathematics, engage with practical resources to support learning in...