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Problem Solving

A list of great problem solving activities to be used in secondary maths teaching which can be used to meet the needs of the new curriculum.
Publication date:
07 October 2016

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The problem with problem solving

I believe Albert Einstein was once asked “If you have one hour to save the world, how would you spend that hour?”He replied, “I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and then five minutes solving it.”When asking 20 mathematics teachers to define problem solving you are likely to get 21 different definitions. In its recent report Problem...

Using Resources for Problem Solving

This list of resources is used in the course Using resources to develop problem solving skills MY203
Publication date:
30 March 2016

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Perfect problem solving with Bojagi

As a mathematics teacher, I like to start the term with some basic number skills with my KS3 groups. This choice is grounded in solid reasoning: check the pupils have got a grasp of the basics before moving on to another topic. Prime factor trees make great display work, and Pascal’s Triangle can have the ‘wow’ factor. But how else can that start-of-the-new...

Problem solving in computing and across STEM - part 1

UK students are good problem solvers. PISA tests reveal that they are better than most international peers, including those from countries with better performance in mathematics and reading. Can this help their achievement in computing and other STEM subjects?This series of articles explores problem solving in computing and across STEM, asking ‘what is...

Problem solving in computing and across STEM - part 2

In part 1 we discovered that STEM subjects have common practices that can be shared and taught in the same way to reinforce and improve students’ learning. In part 2 we look at a possible approach to problem solving in computing and how this touches other STEM subjects.Solving problems in computing – a possible approachComputers process data. Problem...

Problem solving in computing and across STEM - part 3

Our previous articles (part 1 and part 2) have looked at how problem solving is used in STEM subjects and the skills that can be transferred to other subjects to improve learning.In part 3 we learn how debugging can be utilised in other lessons as well as posing questions we as teachers should all be thinking about…Debugging – evaluation and testing in...

How do you solve a problem like girls in physics?

Three years ago my colleagues and I sat down to discuss how we could, in our own small way, help to tackle the problem of a low uptake of A level physics by girls. The result was a termly event called Girls in Physics.The aim of this evening event is to create a space for girls to network with each other, to meet students with similar interests, and to...

Solving Linear Equations

Students are expected to be able to solve linear equations in one variable in a variety of contexts, including subject-based problems, using algebraic methods. This resource list contains a variety of activities requiring students to solve simple equations, two-step equations and equations in which the variable...
Publication date:
27 July 2018

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Graphical Solutions to Mathematical Problems

Students are required to use linear and quadratic graphs to estimate values of y for given values of x and vice versa. The most common area of use for this skill is when students are required to solve equations graphically. Students are also expected to be able to find approximate solutions of simultaneous equations...
Publication date:
28 April 2016

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