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Problem Solving

A list of great problem solving activities to be used in secondary maths teaching which can be used to meet the needs of the new curriculum.

Problem Solved

This sample of the Badger series on maths problem solving and investigative practice is in line with the Key Stage Three Strategy and Framework approach. This sample includes problems involving percentages and shape & space.

Problem Solved involves students in their maths with plenty of interactive work...

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2000 - 2009

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The problem with problem solving

I believe Albert Einstein was once asked “If you have one hour to save the world, how would you spend that hour?”He replied, “I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and then five minutes solving it.”When asking 20 mathematics teachers to define problem solving you are likely to get 21 different definitions. In its recent report Problem...

Problem solving lessons

When you set the objectives for a lesson, are they always content based? To understand how to add fractions, use Pythagoras' theorem...

Have you ever set the objective as to develop a particular problem solving strategy? The one day course "Using resources to develop problem solving skills in secondary...


Maths Problem Solving Videos - A website to share problem-solving videos that relate Mathematics topics to real world problems. Great as classroom starters, plenaries, revision or homework, these videos have proven to engage students of all abilities and ages, and provide a purpose...

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16 November 2016



Problem solving resources

I've put together a few of my favourite resources to encourage problem solving in my maths lessons:

What are your favourite resources?

Any collection of this kind will never be exhaustive, but if you think I've missed a great resource let us know. If you do have any...


The Spode Group produced a number of resources to support problem solving in mathematics through real life problems. Some of the resources were produced to support the C.S.E. syllabus and others were written at the time mathematics teachers were preparing for coursework to become a compulsary part of the assessment...

Problem solving skills

This STEM Learning resource collection aims to support STEM Ambassadors to highlight the top 10 employability skills to young people, with examples of activities and discussions to support young people to develop these skills in either school, college or other settings.  

These two resources focus on problem...

Problem Solving with Industry originally consisted of 30 short problem-solving exercises devised by the Centre for Science Education Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with a range of industries. A selection of these units were updated and revised to match the requirements of GNVQ Science in 1995. It is...

Numeracy Through Problem Solving is a sequence of five modules which develop students' ability to use mathematics together with other skills.

In tackling problems of concern or situations of interest in everyday life - the original definition of numeracy, which was reinforced by the Cockcroft Report.