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Hi, apologies for cross-posting, i wanted to make sure everyone found out about this:

The buzz around the micro:bit is growing... at the official launch last week a host of partners shared their efforts and explained their vision for the device which will be handed-out to all 11-12 year olds across the UK...


micro:bit resources

A growing list of resources from micro:bit project partners and more.
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11 October 2016

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BBC micro:bit

For teachers using the BBC micro:bit in the classroom, this group is the place to share ideas, resources, links and news. 

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micro:bit news

Just a few things that have come to my attention recently:

The microbit education foundation are starting to release lesson plans for micro:bit.Mr Bit is touted as a very simple way of getting started coding the micro:bit, using plain English.The Doctor Who Live Lesson is now available to watch again.Also,...


BBC Micro:bits

Hi everyone. Just joined this group to see if I could resource some BBC MIcro:bits.  I am a science technician.

I have been learning to code a microbit I have. I am looking replace our old science dataloggers and laptops with microbits. I'm currently making a timing/lightgate program for physics....


Micro:bit clone


"The Calliope Mini (translated here) is essentially a micro:bit clone, but one that has learned from the experience of its spiritual forefather — the connection points are spread around the outside of the board where the...


BBC micro:bit in computingCV203

The micro:bit is a powerful tool for learning computing, from hardware and networking through to programming and physical computing. This CPD, led by highly-experienced computer science teachers, will help you maximise the impact of the micro:bit on student learning. You will learn how to fully integrate the device...

Micro:bit in spaceCY228

Learn how to use this sensor-equipped and easy-to-program device to improve understanding in science and computing. The micro:bit was the biggest BBC Education project in 30 years, and involved up to a million of these credit-card sized devices being given out to 11 and 12 year olds across the UK. They are now...

Micro:bit in secondary computingCY224

The micro:bit has opened the door, to many, for hands-on computing projects with a difference. Simple-to-use and equipped with a suite of sensing and communications capabilities all programmable in a choice of languages, this low-cost device is becoming a fixture in computing classrooms across the country and beyond...

BBC micro:bit book

This is a bundle of BBC micro:bit books
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08 November 2016

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