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Health & Safety Display

A way to display Health & Safety Posters created by students in the classroom.  Similar style could be used for a range of subjects.  


Woods Display

A display showing the basic information on different types of wood.  I also stuck examples of each type of wood to the display after. 


Artist/Designer Inspiration

A display I created to inspire students in their choice of artist/designer for their clock project. 


Tools Bunting

Bunting flags that i created, printed and laminated and hung up in my classroom to display a wide range of the tools used in the workshop.  I printed each flag A3 in size so that they could be clearly read and make an impact in the classroom.


Fibres Display

A display showing a range of different fibres used.  I also stuck samples of the fibres/sources (e.g. silk cocoon, etc) to the board. 


Region upload connection

Could you remind how I set up the new regional group (under my name) for my 3 schools as I would like to upload some photos and now believe I've given them last years connection. 


Women in Science

We created a board to promote Women in Science using photographs of women in the science industry. There is a description of the inspiring work that the women in the main photograph do. There are also other posters to show the different types of jobs that you can have with STEM qualifications. We hope this will...


Periodic Table

Year 8 made posters of the first 28 elements of the Periodic Table. They had to include all important information regarding each element. We then arranged them in the shape of the Periodic Table with a bit of creative tweaking to get them all on the board!!