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How Angmering School generated 14 entries to last year's competition

This blog post shares an interview with two teachers at this Sussex school who provided a framework for students to work towards entering the Ultimate STEM Challenge in lesson time.

I think it’s made us realise that you can do a STEM Challenge in Year 9. A lot of people think, ‘Where’s the time? How are we...


Rocket Science at Hillmead Primary School

Hillmead Primary Gardening Club took part in the Rocket Science Experiment which saw rocket salad seeds spend time in space with astronaut Tim Peake. We took care planting the seeds and watching them grow, noting down how they were growing. In addition we learnt all about space travel with Tim Peake by following...


Kids get coding

'Kids get coding' is a fantastic, hands-on resource for anyone looking to get started with coding. The four books cover key areas of the Key Stage 1 computing curriculum with simple text.Each title contains practical on- and off-line activities that are easy to follow and entertaining for children to try on...
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Corridor Displays

These are the displays I've created to line the corridor by our Product/Graphic Design Rooms. They are seen by all students and I often see them looking at and commenting on the displays while they are waiting for tha class to start.


Dinosaur week

 During the week commencing Monday 14th November 2016, our school took part in a whole school science week with the theme of 'Dinosaurs'. To launch the week we had a viist from 'Dinostar', this really exitied children for the week ahead. During the week children took part in a range of cross...


High Down Juniors and Trinity School - South West Schools

It was lovely to meet you all today at the final CPD (phew!) and I was so pleased for your enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you all after Christmas and especially seeing how the "Collaborative Working" between the 2 neighbouring schools develops......


Electronics Display

A display I have created for a Year 7 Electronics Project where students create their own mirror and include a circuit with LED's.  The students use this display to promote their own independent learning and working throughout the project.  The two product examples can be removed and...


Finishes Display

A display showing the effects of the different finishes and their effects on different types of woods.  Students can observe, touch/feel and consider the different types of finishes. 


Decorative Techniques for RM

A display showing students the different techniques that can be used on metals, plastics and woods. 


Plastics Display

A display showing students the different types and uses of plastics.