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Unpicking the examiner’s report - A level chemistryNY273

 The first run of the new A level exams will highlight areas where students are struggling. An in depth analysis of the examiners' subject reports is crucial to support development of your teaching and learning approaches in chemistry A level. Hands-on sessions with examination experts will enable you to delve into...

Year 5 and 6 at Withnell Fold learning about the planets their size and distance from the sun.

The children made paper representations of the planets.

They enjoyed using string to attemt to find about the distance between them.

They had fun investigating.


Computing - secondary classroom display

Displays covering Women in Tech/IT, Computing heroes, SMSC in Computing, Cross curricular links with Science and many others.


KS2 children at Peak Forest Primary and Great Hucklow Primary join together for an afternoon of space investigations

KS2 children from Peak Forest Primary School and Great Hucklow Primary School recently joined together to learn more about space. Year 3/4 children learnt about the food that astronauts eat, while Y5/6 children investigated the cratars made by meteorites. The children from the two schools enjoyed the...


The world's most variable flower

This Catalyst article focuses on the Gorteria, a South African daisy which shows great variation in its flowers. It attracts bee flies to pollinate it. It has been used to test theories of evolution.This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2016, Volume 27, Issue 2.Catalyst is a science magazine for...
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Five for Sydney

Just to let you know about an exciting opportunity for year 12 Physics students...

The University of Sydney, the University of York & the Ogden Trust have teamed up to provide five scholarships for year 12 Physics students from the UK to attend the International Science School in Sydney. Full...


Challenging and supporting your mathematics departmentMY505

What should a mathematics department look like if it is to succeed in delivering the new mathematics specifications? This one day conference is designed for anyone who has a role challenging and supporting mathematics in a secondary school or college. The day will consist of a number of high profile speakers, plus a...

Antibiotic discovery project

Applications for schools to take part in the Microbiology Society’s antibiotic discovery project ‘Antibiotics Unearthed’ are now open! The School Partnerships Programme give students the opportunity to carry out extended research in collaboration with a local university or research laboratory.




Space Day at Damers First School

Meadow 2 class watched the video of Tim Peake returning to earth and then we thought "How can we protect something as it falls?" We talked about making a trampoline and which materials might work well. Some children used cotton wool and bubble wrap. We used eggs as pretend Tim Peakes and three eggs...


Meteors and comets - Westbourne Primary School

This week, we looked at the exciting Rosetta mission and hypothesised about what we would could find on a comet that was hurtling through space! Some children thought a comet full of diamonds would be great, others were happy to find alien life!

We then investigated mass, trajectory, and force on crater...