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Liskeard Hillfort Primary School

Earth Observation Detective


Year 2 and 4 worked together to become Earth observation detectives.  They began by looking at atlases and discussing the different geographical features they could see, in the next lesson they looked at videos and images of Earth from space.  They then...


Ramridge Primary School- Rockets

Year groups 1-4 have been working hard to create their own rockets. Year 1 children have been drawing rockets with different colours and patterns, giving them a more vibrant look! Year 2 children have been getting messy by painting plastic bottles to create their very own rockets to take them to space. Similarly...


Neroche Primary School - South West Schools - Space Week

You'll have to forgive me for the delay in adding this event to the group, but the whole of Neroche Primary school took part in Space Week during 4th - 6th January!

For the 3 days, children from all age groups took part in a wide range of space-related activities, led by teachers and Jo - our Space ...


St Georges Church School- South West

Some fantastic space learning going on in school Y5 have completed a beautiful display with some lovely fact sheets and creative ideas.

A child from Y1 went home inspired and made a rocket at home. Great work all.


Neroche Primary School - South West Schools - Somerset Radio Interview

Jo - our Space Ambassador - arranged for BBC Somerset Radio to pop in to our school to see what we were getting up to during our Space Week. The interviewer spoke to myself, as leader of Science, to find out about the activities we had been getting up to in school. Furthermore, he helped us to promote the...


Ramridge Primary School- Writing

The children in Years 1 to 5 have been hard at work doing some creative and informative writing pieces about space. Our Year 1 children have written short paragraphs about why they want to travel into space, they used interesting vocabulary to describe their reasonings. Years 3 and 4 have written detailed...


The Sun and the Earth's rotation

Dodged the showers throughout the afternoon to create a half-decent lesson measuring shadows outside and tracking them in relation to the Earth's rotation. Even managed to explain why we have seasons!


Ramridge Primary School- Art

Our Year 5 children have been hard at work to create and desgin their own 'Mission Patch'. They had a circle template which they filled with different pictures that described the reasons why they wanted to go to space. They used colour and patterns to make the design bright and eye-catching. Some even...


STEM-related opportunities or events

Use this section to share information about local and national STEM activities and events as well as to develop new ideas with other STEM Ambassadors. 




Tenth anniversary for National Apprenticeship Week

Celebrating apprenticeships in all their forms, National Apprenticeship Week is coming up on 6-10 March. What are your plans?National Apprenticeship Week is now in it's tenth year. Designed to recognise the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy, the week will be...