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Forensic Science Resources

Hi All,

Last summer we ran a Forensic Science day - How to use a crime scene to teach practical forensic science at levels 2 & 3.

The resources the course leaders created are available from the link below:


STEM Conference North East

Regional STEM Advisors. The North East regional STEM conference is to be held on 23rd March 2012 in the city of Sunderland  We are advertising regionally but of course you are all welcome. Please contact me if you require further details

Also, how are bookings going for your own regional conferences...


Recent Biotechnology CPD event


We hosted a CPD event in collaboration with the Eastern Science Learning Centre last Friday and the activities related to many aspects of the real world including medicine (using urease instead of conventional treatment for ulcers) and pollen for forensics.  The feedback was excellent and...


STEM for technicians

Hi, a quick intro about myself. I am TecHKnow and I manage and own the Technician website at i also for the past nine years have managed the UCLAN Scitech Forums website at I always try to publish any useful news and information regarding STEM from the perspective of the UK...


Resources list

I've made a list of links on the National STEM Centre eLibrary website for 16-19 Astrophysics. They are not exhaustive but I think they are some of the best.


Primary Host Schools Project

Jenni Back is now in post as leader of the NCETM's Primary Host Schools Project and is looking for schools to act as Host Schools or Visiting Schools. You can find further details and application forms here: Please do get in touch if you would like any further information.


A Level Physics - Astronomy Event

 I organised an event for A levelphysics teachers to help with the delivery of the tricky section on astronomy.  It was led in part by Dr Paul Roche who was excellent.  The day included a half hour slot when we were logged in to the Faulkes telescope in Australia and able to take live photographs...


Science and Engineering Week: Primary Assembly

I've made a list of links on the National STEM Centre eLibrary website for Science and Engineering Week.


Astrophysics list

I've made a list of links on the National STEM Centre eLibrary website and think you'll find these links of interest!


Great new website

I've just updated the astrophysics list with a great new link.  Take a look...